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Highlights of Four Favorite Shows

By Gordon Meyer

During the original run of Hollywood’s Master Storytellers, we had some amazing guest, many of whom were Oscar nominees and Oscar winners. This video features highlights from four of my favorite shows.

Oscar nominee Andy Garcia came to HMS with a pre-release screening of the indie film he produced and starred in, “Modigliani.” This was a passion project for Andy and, though its indie status meant a very limited release, for those who saw it, it was a terrific picture. Here, he talks about how he got involved in this production, which other people originated.

We were proud to host the World Theatrical Premiere of the Director’s Cut of Academy Award winning writer/director Oliver Stone’s biography of Alexander the Great, “Alexander.” Warner Bros actually struck a 35mm print specifically for our screening. While often controversial, Oliver was always a great interview subject and you can see why in this excerpt.

In the entire 9 film “Skywalker Saga” in the Star Wars universe, most fans agree that Episode V, “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best of the entire series. This is part of the conversation I had with director Irvin Kershner.

And last, but not least, arguably the most controversial show we did during our original run, was the documentary, “The Aristocrats,” produced by comedian Paul Provenza and magician Penn Jillette, and one of the dirtiest jokes in the history of show business. In this excerpt Penn and Paul praise distributor ThinkFilm’s art department for their stellar work in designing the DVD cover art.

More highlights from our classic shows are coming soon.


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