Gordon Meyer

This is an excerpt from the show that never aired. Hollywood’s Master Storytellers was engaged by independent distributor ThinkFilm to produce a DVD launch event promoting their documentary, “The Aristocrats,” which is all about an incredibly dirty joke.

As we did with our “Blues Brothers” DVD launch event, we were working with National Cinemedia, a joint venture between AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark, the three largest movie chains in the country.

After taping the show at the Chinese Theatre, the day before tickets were to go on sale, someone at NCM remembered that one of their parent companies, AMC, refused to run this movie because its language was so graphic.

This excerpt features the late Bob Saget, talking about how his family in general responded to the movie – especially his parents.

Warning: All excerpts from our “Aristocrats” event contain strong language and are probably not appropriate for pre-teen audiences or those people offended by profanity.

Written by Gordon Meyer, Executive Producer


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